MCU Coatings

MCU Coatings is the world's largest developers and manufacturers of high-performance protective, corrosion-resistant moisture cure poly urea coatings. We specialize in long-life asset protection, virtually free of premature failures with solutions based on a single component moisture cure urethane (MCU) or polyurea technology. This offers exceptional performance for onshore and offshore marine environments, as well as refineries, gas plants and chemical plants. In addition to superior corrosion resistance, these products have extraordinary resistance to atmospheric chemicals, abrasion and impact. 

MCU passed ISO testing for C5M/H & C5I/H for severe corrosive environments with MCU 2 coat system i.e. Miozinc @ 140 um (5 mils) & Miotopcoat @ 80 um (3 mils). MCU also meets the requirements for Potable water, Norsok M-501 & Shell Atmospheric Testing 

Smooth, durable, flexible and abrasion resistant coating will long term protect your assets. In addition to the protection, MCU-Coatings systems offers the easiest and fastest application available:


* Can be applied at high humidity (up to 99% RH) 
* No dew point restriction on visible dry surfaces (day and night application possible) 
* One component without pot life restrictions 
* Our Primer MCU-Miozinc tolerates over-coating old “good” coatings 
* Our Primer MCU-Miozinc tolerates St 2 St 3, UHP and abrasive prepared surfaces 
* Our Primers MCU-Miozinc tolerates any surface 
* Application in cold weather down to minus -15°C and steel temperature up to 70°C 
* Superior impact and abrasion resistance 
* Excellent long-life flexibility, resisting structural flex
 * Excellent adhesion to various substrates 
* Can be over-coated within 30-45 minutes of application if when adding MCU-QuickCure 
* Proves faster project completion time at lower implementation cost on any project that has to deal with climatic weather restrictions. 
* HH coatings up to +650 °C 
* No maximium or overcoating restrictions 
* High tolerance to salts and chlorides 
* Online application of sweating / Iced / Hot / Damp surfaces

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